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Clam chowder—so comforting and good for the soul (not so good for your arteries.) This wasn’t as amazing as the ones from the vendors in San Francisco, but at least it was a big improvement from Progresso. (I don’t think I can appreciate canned clam chowder ever again.)


soon doo boo

This is attempt #1 at Korean Tofu Soup! Sorry for the terrible photos/lighting! Actually..this is going to be the only actual picture of food. :P It was okay. I still like it better in a little clay pot to keep it nice and warm and sizzling :(

Beef, shrimp, mushrooms, onions, kimchi, garlic, tofu, egg. Broth made from kelp.

This is Phalicia! 

Amy ate a croissant. Calvin is waiting to be served.


Lily betrayed by her dog. 

Toby <3 !!

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this weekend, i’m going to try to make korean soft tofu soup (soon doo boo). any ideas or recommended recipes appreciated! as well as other ideas for future soups! 

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chicken stock

This was a super fail. I had leftover chicken bones from a roasted chicken that my housemate bought from Safeway. I boiled it with some onions and peppercorns, then I threw in some carrots and celery, and let it simmer for a few hours. I was hoping that letting it simmer longer with the lid off would help the flavors become more concentrated, and while it did work a little bit, it still didn’t have enough flavor in it. I think I’m supposed to get a clear broth too… mine was quite opaque. We’ll try again next time … 

week 5: tomato borscht soup.

Hi! It’s been three weeks! I’ve watching fullmetal alchemist BAHAHA but last weekend I made tomato borscht soup, kind of like the ones in hong kong style cafes, but thicker because I didn’t strain it and I cooked it for hours. 

I consulted my mom, dad, and a few online sources and just kind of kept adding tomatoes until it seemed right.. :X 

WASH YOUR VEGGIES! tomatoes, onion, celery stalks, potatoes(peel if using russet), carrots, and a portion of cabbage! 

Lookie them tomatoes on a vine!

Chop chop chop chop everything! I like the sound of chopping vegetables because it reminds me of home when I was young, watching tv or doing homework, waiting for dinner to be served, or tiptoe-ing to get a good look of whatever my mom was doing!

I didn’t take a picture of the meat because it’s not pretty. My parents said to use oxtail, but I didn’t have access to any so I just used the beef cubes “for stew” and cooked that in simmering water for an hour or so, until it was soft. Some bay leaves and peppercorns go in with that too. 

Then cook the vegetables just a little bit in oil and some garlic if you want. Combine it with the water and beef. Oh! Skim off all that foamy beefy stuff that rises to the top.


Or it won’t fit! I had to switch pots D: Cook forever on low heat. Fish out the tomato peels. (they should separate easily after they’re cooked and mushy) Add tomato paste, salt, white pepper, sugar, and lemon juice as you like. I used a handful of salt for 4 qts of water. It sounds like a lot but but but salt is tasty! My dad told me to strain it (kept just the meat and solid vegetables) but I didn’t do it. I eat it all! Bahaha!


Here you go, if you want: