i really like rigatoni.

first attempt at egg salad. replaced majority of the mayo with greek yogurt. worked great. 

i tried to make a sandwich but crusty bread + egg salad = a big ol’ mess 

earl grey ice cream. i missed molly moon’s so much i tried to make my own. ended up with an something completely different. still tasted like earl grey, but just no where as light and creamy. sad. 

nutella ice cream.

For my 21st birthday, Leanne and Amy and gave me a soft serve ice cream machine! So I decided I’d make Nutella ice cream using evaporated milk. The result: no ice cream. just …nutella cream? (soft serve!?) So I stuck it in the freezer and mixed by hand every 45 minutes and made (non-soft serve) ice cream. But nobody will eat it because(IDK) it except me :( 

I’ve also made grapefruit sorbet several times already but I(or Crystal) always eat it up before I remember to take a decent picture of it. :) 

i like guacamole (a little too much).

i wish i had an avocado tree!