Honestly, I don’t know how to cook very well, if at all. I just pretend that I can and somehow sometimes some people believe me. I just like to read about other people cooking and then I try to replicate it (but I never do-I always end up substituting and changing things, everybody’s kitchen is different!). 

Natalie came over to help me make french onion soup. It’s been a while since the first time I made it. French onion is also the first post of this blog. I took forever just chopping onions (I didn’t cry-is it really the contacts?) so she helped me toast the bread. The entire house smelled of onions and my mom kept complaining about how it made her eyes hurt. (Sorry, mom!) I am so glad that Natalie messaged me out of the blue because otherwise I probably would never update this. (not gonna lie!) It was also great to catch up. She really likes cheese..

Why is cheese so good when baked on top of anything?

Why do onions take so long to brown? 

Happy mid-autumn festival! Have some tea, fruit, mooncake, and relax outside to admire the moon. 

Clam chowder—so comforting and good for the soul (not so good for your arteries.) This wasn’t as amazing as the ones from the vendors in San Francisco, but at least it was a big improvement from Progresso. (I don’t think I can appreciate canned clam chowder ever again.)


Egg yolk dripping sammies are so satisfying (and avocado makes everything 10x better). Made this for breakfast for my mom and I on Sunday. She lighted up at the sight of avocado and got egg yolk all over the table. 

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hot & sour soup with extra white pepper. *yes* 

Back in Davis, my friends and I would order this all the time. Chinese food in Davis is a hit or miss and hot & sour soup is usually good no matter how much they mess up. Now I can make it myself and drink it on all the late nights I want. 

I am terrible at deep frying food. I hate it. It splatters and sizzles and burns and undercooks the inside but tofu is surprisingly easy! 

Agedashi Tofu is one of my favorite things to order at Japanese restaurants. Topped with a mirin-hondashi-soy sauce, green onions, and bonito sesame seed seasoning.